Atlanta Tankless Water Heaters

Aames Plumbing has a great deal of expertise when it comes to tankless water heaters. We specialize in sales as well as service of tankless water heaters. These heaters offer an endless supply of hot water; at the exact temperature you require, for as long as you require it. They take up less space and can also be mounted outside your house if you so chose.

A tankless water heater Atlanta heats water only when you require it, using natural or propane gas. The inimitable design allows the heater to capture more heat energy, making the heater much more efficient. But my friend that's not all. When your demand for hot water ends, the water heater shuts down, utilizing no more electricity. That allows for the water heater to be more efficient when it is on, and when it is off. And the best part is that this kind of water heater never runs out of hot water. This allows for you to run your dishwasher, washing machine plus every shower in your house without ever running out of hot water.

Now you must be wondering why you should choose this kind of heater.

  • Annual operating costs are considerably less as compared to traditional gas or electric hot water heaters.
  • This kind of water heater offers continuous hot water. A homeowner will literally never run out of hot water again.
  • It takes up less space; about the size of a carry-on suitcase as compared to a conventional heater which takes up to 16-square feet of space.
  • Tankless Water Heaters lasts twenty years on average. Now that is really nice!!
  • It produces less CO2 plus NOx as compared to traditional gas or electric hot heaters.

Like most appliances, water heaters Atlanta also have improved to a great extent in recent years. Models available today are much more energy efficient. This is why you probably should not replace your existing heater with the exact model since the energy efficient models are so much better. Think about buying a more efficient heater, which will save you money on energy every month. This is why you should not just consider the initial purchase cost, you should think about how much it costs to run. You can save hundreds of dollars in the long run. A simple comparison is to gas mileage. Certain cars get 15 miles to a gallon, while other, more efficient cars can go 30 miles or more on a gallon. Similarly, certain heaters utilize energy more efficiently.

Our experts know all the ins and outs of tankless water heaters. They have been trained to install all makes and models of heaters. They can recommend the best water heater for you. All the employees at our company are licensed and highly skilled service technicians trained to utilize the most reliable equipment to guarantee the best service possible. For more details please call us right away. We will be happy to help you. Go ahead get your energy efficient heater today.

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